Travel for Peace

Have you ever taken a break and traveled? Maybe to a place near to your city, to a state or to a country, maybe some where abandoned or for a short picnic. Not just to ‘see’ the place but to ‘observe’ it, to look around into the beauty of that place. Have you ever approached people, not just to ask the way to a place but to share and create a bond with them.Travelling is coming to see one’s native country in a different light, in a different way. To meet and greet different people, to share something from the place you are or something that you have, interact and know is what makes your trip worth it! Travelling should not just be to visit and click pictures but to learn and explore the magnificent world. Travelling provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the Earth, the wonders of its’s natural beauty, its many diverse people, cultures and heritage, religion while fostering mutual understanding, respect and gratitude with each person we encounter in the whole process. I say travelling is way build peace in different communities.

I haven’t traveled a lot but I desire to travel, because my last travel was so beatific that I feel like travelling could connect the world. I went on an exchange to the US for a year where I visited different cities in the State of California and other places. And to my amaze every time I went to a different city I observed something really different. I wondered about how we being the same species of human can be different in so many ways? About how many wonders does a nature has to share with us! Now when I travel even to a place near me I have a different perspective. The most beautiful part of my visits was getting to know so many different people and to getting to know about the places. And you know what, the reality of the place is so different from what you here from others! We are so stereotypical that we still believe in what has been spread by others far away from us, not even knowing whether it is true or not, but we never take an effort to discover the reality! When you travel by yourself, discover by yourself you associate with others, you become the bridge between your and their community.

We are so engaged in our lives that we forget to create bonds with the others! We are so occupied with our friends and family that we do not extend to our limits, we do not go beyond our small social group. With the current situation today, I think we are in a need to connect to each other, we need to connect in the way that we connect with our family members! And the irony is that we have created different means to travel place to place, we took over the sky and even made sea links but we forgot to build a bridge between the people! With all that happening in the world, the brutality, the hatred and the violence that is destroying communities, all of us need to get out of our boundaries and connect, make an effort together to create peace. Because this Mother Earth has given us such wonderful blessings that we should be thankful too and not to let this place become a place of destruction.

I never thought travelling could do so much, it does not only impact on you but also on the community in many ways. I think travelling would definitely bring us closer, it could be a means to make change and create peace as well. There are already a lot of people making this an effort, there are people who travel not just for their passion but to create a link and this should be an effort for all of us too! Because your one effort can contribute make a change.

So next time when you travel, Travel for Peace!

A New Beginning

My name is Sakshi, I’m 17. Just an ordinary kid who is confused what do next in life! I’m a person who does what comes up in her mind doesn’t matter what the time says, a sarcastic person as described by many, a book lover, feminist, singer and a coffee lover. I like to interact with the people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, religion, creed, different thoughts, someone who has a different story to share. You know what, they are inspirations! I look at every person as inspiration, you never know what you will learn from them! My friends describe me as a shy person when you first meet, but not when you get to know more about me and when I open up. To be honest, I open up to very less people. I don’t know why, but I have a lot to tell, a lot to share but I don’t speak up as my parents always say. So, I write. I have a journal filled with cheers, ups and downs, life experiences and thoughts. Situations have taught me different life lessons and I’m that kind of person who dreams even during the lectures! Not kidding! Thoughts comes to my mind when I am working, studying, reading, especially when I go for a walk and when I go to bed! I am a great thinker I guess!
I think a lot but I don’t express. But I want to share what I think, get opinions, suggestions, see if there are some who think like me, communicate, and talk through my writings. I want to open up to as much as I can. And here I am starting this on this New day, New year. You can say it’s my New Year’s Resolution, resolution to share my writings. I’m not a really good writer by nature but at least I can express through it, at the end it is the thought that should reach the hearts. I read about a person, who wanted to share his thoughts through writings but he wasn’t good at it, but he still did it because he wanted to and he improved as he wrote and shared. That is what inspired me too this.
I will be sharing thoughts, short write ups and stories from my day to day life, current issues, politics, religion, books, education, feminism (as this word is getting more popular these days!) experiences and life lessons and some fun stuff. This is just a start, I hope to see myself improving at writing as I move and make and contribution to make a change through my writings because a pen can change the world. It is an effort to get connected, to get close, to share something that I have and to see where I am. I hope you like it. Constructive criticisms are invited.

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